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Preparation For Running Long Distance Races (Essay Sample)


I want the reader to learn how to prepare the body for long distance races. & why people from high altitude area are better in endurance . The do & don't do in preparing for long distance race . Describe the difference of long distance race ( marathon) & (1500meters) .


Running Long Distance Races
Running Long Distance Races
When people are asked to say anything about Kenya, the significant majority will talk about the country's successful history in athletes while others will also mention the country's beautiful scenarios. Kenya has cemented its place in the world stage with its performances in some short distance races as well as long distance races. Apparently, the runners from the small East African country have been winning since time immemorial, and the trend does not seem to be edging towards an end.
Every four years, the world is drawn to The Olympic Games spectacle where aside from racing, people get to see other sports activities. However, racing often attracts the biggest crowds as people gather to get a peek at how the racers compete. The name Usain Bolt always attracts attention whenever it is mentioned, and even though he took part in short races, he managed to unite the world if only for a few seconds. Therefore, racing is indeed a major sport in the world with millions willing to spend a lot of money to be a part of it.
How to Prepare the Body for Long Distance Races
While the results for long distance races are often always known before the race begins (especially if there is a Kenyan or Ethiopian in the lineup), they also attract a lot of attention. However, as an athlete, one needs to prepare themselves well to ensure their endurance during the race is maintained. Running a long race can be catastrophic especially if one has not trained or prepared their body well. Racers often advice other people to train hard and to ensure their bodies and minds are working in tandem. Many will say that they never look to win any medal when they take part in the long races but that they only look to finish the race. Below are several points to help you prepare yourself for long distance races:
* Start training early. This simply means that you start training months before the running event. Do not start by running for an hour but start slow. You can start by doing 15 to 30-minute jogs in the morning while gauging yourself. As you continue with the training, increase your time slowly and eventually, you will find yourself doing an hour of running.
* You can also try and add incline or slope running to your schedule. Every runner worries about their muscle and cardiovascular health. However, it is advisable to include incline running as it will help improve your muscle strength while also boosting your cardiovascular health.
* Do not forget to stretch your muscles. This should happen before you start running and immediately after you finish running. However, do not do it hastily because the more flexible you are, th

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