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The Power of Women in Navajo Civilization (Essay Sample)


The writing of this essay should be based on the reading of Paul G. Zolbrod's "Dine Bahane': The Navajo Creation Story". And my main topic and claim about this essay is the manifestation of the unique and mysterious power of women to the book, because I found that the women occupy a very important position in Navajo civilization, in the book you can see the myths of each chapter are basically refer to women or the abilities that only women have, the Navajo tribe showed matriarchal sociocultural features, and they seem to adoring the power of women, there are many examples in the book (like the creation of the world, the changing woman in part four). If you guys think this topic is kind of inappropriate, you can change it to another one that you think is fine, but please tell me in advance.


The Power of Women in Navajo Civilization
The Power of Women in Navajo Civilization
Several myths explaining the origin of the earth and the human kind have been documented by various scholars who studied the oral tradition of different societies. The emergence of the myth of the Dine, also known as the Navajo creation story, has drawn the attention of many historians and readers across the world (Zolbrod, 1984). The civilization story concentrates on the origin of the earth starting from four sacred colors and directions, and the origin of the human starting with the first man and woman. The myth of the Navajo creation revealed five levels of worlds ranging from the first world to the fifth world. The first people who inhabited the Navajo land were referred to as the first people and were not like the current human beings but were spirits. Starting from the first world, women showed a unique character that proved their powerfulness in the entire lives of the humanity. The power of women started with the first woman in the first world and was manifested in the special things that she could manage to start and accomplish. The Navajo civilization story shows clearly, the importance and the powerfulness of female beings in a society and the world as a whole.
Considering the first word in the Navajo's civilization story, the female beings were represented by the Black Cloud, showing their importance in the society. Normally, the black clouds are associated with rains that are very crucial in the lives of human beings (Zolbrod, 1984). The rain is usually associated with good agricultural harvests and healthy lives of all the creatures of the world. Relating the concept of the importance of the rains with the sign that was assigned to the female being in the Navajo civilization myth, it is apparent that female being played a crucial role in the initial Navajo community. It was believed that life slept in the darkness of the female being, which was practical when a child slept while being nursed by the mother. The mother role of women was seen as the source of life. Even though the first woman from the myth was believed to be a spirit in form of the black clouds, the current roles of women in the society are related to the mythical roles of the first woman. It was believed that life could not exist without the input of the women. The evidence of the belief is captured in the story of the first world when men and women separated but later realized that they could not survive without each other. The men could not stay in the absence of the women hence, they seek their presence again. In other words, women played a very important role in the lives of the men and the world as a whole.
According to Navajo mythology about the third world, the power of women is clearly portrayed by the actions of that were taken by the first woman to plead with the most powerful creature about their suffering (Zolbrod, 1984). The first woman took an attempt at addressing all the grievances the people had been facing on earth. Her requests were heard and all the demands were addressed. Therefore, it is clear that female being was a powerful being in the Navajo civilization. It is through women's efforts that the divided ancient people discussed in the mythology came together. Relating the concept in the modern life, women are very crucial people in ensuring peaceful coexistence among various communities and the world. They usually feel sad when they witness the suffering in humanity and can do anything to help the situation, as portrayed in the civilization story. From the story, it is apparent that women can bring back broken families and restore broken relationships. The capability to unite people is a powerful feature that has shown respect and developments in the modern ...

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