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Post forum Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Pick one of the passage from "I Am No Lady, Lazarus." Do a close reading of the passage. You cannot focus, on everything int it so be selective. Depending on your focus, elements that might be particulary relevant include word choice, imagery, metaphor, or other relevant literary devices. Your post should be thoughtful, analytical, argumentative, grounding your claims in analysis of specific examples from the texts amd making sure that their significance is clear
This is the passage it's in page 62 of the PDF file ( Start from paragraph 3 and end in the first line of paragraph 6)
The portion of Queryas's poem that begin with the line
"I nodded towards the easy poem. I am not a nice gender, or"

and ends with the line
"Eyes sweep the room like a fortune cookie"


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Student’s Name
Word Choice
Reading through the poem, one notices that there is repetition. A good example is in the third paragraph on page 62, where the word ‘procedure’ is repeated twice. The word ‘gender’ is also used twice in the same paragraph (Queyras, 2017). The word ‘procedure’ can is seen in the fourth paragraph, and in the fifth paragraph, it is repeated three times.
The poet has also used figurative language that represents ideas and actions, intending to appeal to the physical sense. A good example is in the third paragraph, where the poet says, ‘We succumb to the rhythm…’ Succumb brings the idea of death. In the

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