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Post Comments: Handsome Lake’s Narrative (Essay Sample)


Hi me again. Please choose three of the post and write comments about it. In the file I upload, there is some comment other people made can be the example for you. Thanks! it you have questions, feel free to ask.

Subsequent posts can concentrate on one question, respond to a classmate, introduce a new line of inquiry, etc. But your first post MUST be comprehensive, and that counts as one post only. 1. Handsome Lake's narrative "How America Was Discovered" originated as a dream vision, which was a type of religious experience. It was shared as an oral teaching tale for his people. When we read this text removed from its original oral, communal context, what do we lose? If you are stumped by this question, think about the differences between the experience of reading a play and seeing one in performance, or hearing music on the radio versus in a concert. 2. What are the "gifts" that the minister gives to Columbus, and why are they important? 3. Christopher Columbus was in a difficult rhetorical position after his first voyage. He did not locate the trading empire that he thought he would find, and so he had to justify to the Spanish crown the expense of his first voyage and persuade the king and queen to support subsequent exploration voyages. How does he do so? What kind of persuasive strategies do you see him using? 4. How does Columbus regard the native peoples that he encounters, and how does he treat them?


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According to Princess Poe-Smith, it won’t be beneficial for us to take away the original oral communal text from Handsome Lake’s narrative. If we do so, we won’t ever to understand the true meanings of his story. We will also not be able to know how he has shared his life’s story and what type of people contributed to the negativity and loses. Poe-Smith also states that the minister allows Columbus to choose from different items to take over to the Indians, and these items are money, fiddle, blood corruption, card, and whiskey. For Columbus, all of those items are beneficial as they represent different idea

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