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Post Colonialism Meets Economics: Definitions (Essay Sample)


Find 9 key terms and give the definitions for Olmsted`s article, and 12 key terms and give the definitions for Wyss`s article.


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Post colonialism meets Economics
1 Orientalism – characteristics, traditions and styles which are defined by their characterization of the people in Asia.
2 Postcolonialism – a paradigm that emphasizes on critical ways of thinking relative to colonial attitudes and perspectives of viewing the world
3 Feminism – a paradigm that aims to liberate women and children (and men in some cases) in all fields of thinking from patriarchal views that dominates the world.
4 Post structuralism – this is a view that serves as a revision and extension of structuralism, which is aimed at textual analysis and the formation of meanings
5 Metropolitan - metropolitan is generally defined by a more dominant geo-political unit. However, it is more specifically used in relation to the periphery, where the former relates to dominance and the latter subordination.
6 Periphery – In contrast, peripheries refer to a geo-political unit that is highly dependent of controlled by the metropolitan.
7 Epistemological – refers to the theory of knowledge and how it is generated. Epistemology could be radical as it questions who, what, why, and how knowledge

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