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Political Parties: Democratic Party & Climate Change? (Essay Sample)


Assignment – Political Parties
You are to write a 6-7 paragraph essay that answers the following questions:
How does the Democratic Party feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?
How does the Republican Party (aka the GOP) feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose ?
These two parties have opposite ideas on this very important subject. Which party do you feel has the right idea about climate change? Elaborate on your answer.


Political parties
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How does the Democratic Party feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?
According to Democrats, climate change is an urgent threat and challenging phenomena affecting the world. The party believes despite the oppositions from numerous people among them the current president; climate change is on the verge of breaking the temperatures worldwide. According to them, the concept of climate change is real, and it necessitates ambitious and immediate actions to alleviate worse consequences in the future (Democrats Organization, 2016).
The Democrats believe that the situation would change through cutting down on carbon pollution and emission of greenhouse gases in the country. According to them, the primary strategy would be to build a clean energy economy through sourcing of fifty percent of all electricity consumption from clean sources such as solar energy (Democrats Organization, 2016). Also, by reducing oil consumption through transportation for cleaner options, the amounts of greenhouse gasses and carbon emitted would significantly drop thereby protecting the environment. Second, the party proposes the strategy of securing the environment by protecting the citizens from pollutions such as air and water pollution and toxic hazards such as lead poisoning that cause harmful effects on people's health leading to suffering.
How does the Republican Party (aka the GOP) feel about climate change? What solutions do they propose?
According to the Republican Party, environmental problems exist in the society and the United States but at a minimal level compared to that estimated by Democrats. According to the party, technological advancement has brought about the facing out of old equipment that produces harmful substances that harm the environment, thereby leading to the improvement of the environment. Further, peopl

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