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Poetry analysis (Essay Sample)

please answer the following questions individually, each question with a minimum of 135 words. please number the answer with the corresponding number of the question. Question 1…….Which author from the poems in the Building Blocks section best used diction to convey meaning? What makes Edwin Robinson in his poem “Richard Coy.” use of diction so much better than the other authors' use of diction? Question 2………What type of Imagery does Coleridge use in his poem "Kubla Khan"? Do his images influence your interpretation of the poem? Question 3…….. Describe the prosody used by Gwendolyn Brooks to create meaning in the poem “WE REAL COOL”. Question 4……….Describe Yeats' use of Symbolism and Allusion in “The Second Coming.” source..

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Edwin Arlington Robinson is one of the authors from the poems in the Building blocks section that best used diction to convey meaning. This is proved in the poem “Richard Cory” where the title symbolizes someone who matter in the society.
In the poem, “Richard Cory” the author Edwin Robinson uses diction so much better as compared to other author’s use of diction. This is because of the way he portrays the man in the poem as an idolized person by many people within the society as he was exceedingly rich than a king and yet humble. “He was a gentleman from sole to crown”. Richard Cory in this case is the centre of adoration for everybody in the society as people to be like him.
Contrary to the expectations of many people in the poem who expected Richard Cory to be enjoying life to the full, the author uses grim diction when he narrates the ordeal that surrounded the suicidal killing of Richard. This emerges to be ironical as the other people worked tirelessly and at times cursed their creator when they failed to get some food survival. Yet here is a man who has everything at his disposal but commits suicide one night using a bullet leaving the majority of the people surprised.
Imagery used by Coleridge in the poem “Kubla Khan”
The author uses the dream imagery in the poem to bring out the illusions one gets when addicted to abusive drugs such as opium. This images used in the poem assist one to interpret the pains and pleasures one thrives from the use of drugs. Some of the images used include “lifeless ocean and sunless ...
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