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Philosophy Of Education: Endless Opportunities (Essay Sample)


Produce a paper detailing your current Philosophy of Education. Include the teacher's role, student's role, and caregiver's role with theoretical references for each. You must use references from your courses, and any reputable journals, texts, or websites. Additionally, you must use 1-2 in-text citations to support your opinion. Include these in your reference page.
Use this book for a reference if you can find it. (Infants and Toddler Development and Responsive Program Planning: A Relationship-Based Approach "Fourth Edition' By: Donna S. Wittmer-Sandy Peterson


Philosophy of Education
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I feel that education profoundly affects our lives and opens the doors of endless opportunities. Educated and experienced persons develop exceptional interpersonal skills and get more chances of prosperity and success than illiterate and inexperienced individuals. Education is not restricted to class-based learning; instead, it is a complicated process of understanding new things with the help of books, journals, and other classroom materials. The learning process is incomplete without teachers, parents, and students (Bailey, 2013).
Prior to formal schooling, parents and community are the core places where kids construct gender identities. Once your child is admitted to a school, it becomes the duty of his teacher to pave his way towards success. A hard-working and dedicated teacher can definitely help students choose the right kind of subjects. He should fully devote himself to the profession as he is working for the betterment and welfare of his students without any personal reasons. Regardless of his salary package, a sensible and responsible teacher allows students to ask questions both on-campus and off-campus. He collaborates with them and promises quality results and excellent scores in the exams. Studies reveal that brilliant and successful students spend more time with their teachers than their parents, asking them a number of questions and seeking their help in every aspect (Shields, 2015).

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