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Persuasive Speech (Essay Sample)

Prepare a persuasive speech. While there are some similarities between informative and persuasive speaking, persuasive speaking presents unique challenges and opportunities. Aristotle, the Ancient Greek philosopher, developed three appeals that he believed were necessary to persuasion. These persuasive appeals, which are still taught and used today, are ethos, the perceived credibility of the speaker; pathos, the emotional connection of the speech to the audience; and logos, the reasoning and evidence of the arguments presented. Answer the following question in a minimum of one paragraph. What do you think is the most important part of persuasion: ethos, pathos, or logos. Explain your answer. source..
Persuasive Speech Name: Institution: Out of the three appeals for the persuasive speeches, ethos which is the perceived credibility of the speaker is the most important. One message given by two different speakers can mean different thing to the audience. If the topic was on healthy living and the first speaker to the stage is an unhealthy and unkempt, the audience will not take the message as serious. However if the speaker who came to the stage is a very healthy person with evidence of regular exercise, the audience would be keen to listen even though he or she may not have clear convictions on the benefits of health living. In America today, more than 75% of the population i...
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