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Southwest Airlines Wellness Program (Essay Sample)

This has to be done on southwest airlines I also added the instructions on a separate file... Same format as the examples in the direction please.. may not to look up some info on internet though for examples or for just background information source..

Southwest Airlines Wellness Program
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Dear reader
The Southwest Airlines have over the last years experienced strong growth due to it’s low-cost and passenger friendly operations strategies. This has made the company to remain profitable with a large market capitalization, making it to be the strongest in the turbulent aviation industry. The firm needs to employ health and wellness program that caters its employees to improve productivity. This is because of its significant to all employees of the firm.
Health promotion in the work place accrues benefits to employees as there is trickle-down effect since the benefits are transferred from employees to family members. This will promote health in the workplace that creates a condition supporting the greatest possible health to all employees. The employees will attain a sense of ownership by working together toward the improvements of their well being. The health promotion program in area such as heart health, nutrition, fitness tobacco and recreation becomes effective since humanity is enhanced in the company. The wellness program is aimed at prevention which facilitates a proactive approach to healthcare resulting to an overall reduction in health care costs. Diseases are managed and health is maintained among employees creating a crucial wellness foundation in the company.
The effectiveness of health promotion has been evidenced to harmonize all types of interventions which make a significant difference in the company’s structure since it will promote a healthy lifestyle for employees and their families. Healthy program enhance mental health which will enhance a reduction in depression in work place and reduces rate of suicides and behavioral problems among employees. The mental health and stress management can result to less domestic aggression by providing a favourable environment for employees. There are fewer learning problems on a social level with significant reduction in child abuse and spouses.
A healthy and safe working environment reduces the number of injuries and compensation claims and thus this program will see a decreased number of deaths and disabilities. There would be no loss of time due to injuries as there is adequate training on the various types of health and wellness programs to be implemented. The general health promotion in the company is an indication that the company recognizes its employee’s health due to the extent of its responsibility. This implies that the health of the company’s employees is of significance to the organization and the outcome is a low turnover rate.
There are many benefits that accrue with the promotion of health and wellness program in the company with the greatest benefit being the human aspect of the firm. By the c...
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