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Persuade your employer that you deserve a raise (Essay Sample)

Argument essay patterns of development Argument in combination with at least one other pattern of development. Purpose: Persuade the reader to agree with the writer\'s position (primary purpose) Express the writer\'s feelings about the reader taking action on the topic (secondary purpose) audience: As designated with topic, but write to a disagreeing audience. Do not write to an agreeing audience or to a neutral or wavering audience source..
Running head: PERSUADING AN EMPLOYER FOR A PAY RAISE Persuading an Employer for a Pay Raise Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Persuading an Employer for a Pay Raise After working for this doctors office for a period of one year I am convinced I deserve a pay raise. I was promised to get a pay raise when joining this medical office after a period of five months after my confirmation. This has not been done and I am just wondering what might have happened despite the fact that I have displayed exemplary performances for the last one year. My file can actually speak for itself as all I have done over this period is add value to the office. I believe pay raise is based on merit and hence I humbly present myself as a candidate for the same. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe I have brought in new medical clients more than any other medical officer has done. In fact, only a few have been able to bring one or two clients for this period. This implies that I have enabled the office to make more profits than it was doing while I joined it. I have been crowned the officer of the month for the last four months. This has been the case as I have been able to outperform the other medical officers. I understand for a fact that some of them have been working for this office for a longer period of time yet they still fail to leave to my standards. I am not saying they are not equally important as the office cannot function without them. All I am saying is that I deliver more than most of them. There are many incidences where I have taken a leadership position to enable the office pull through a crisis. For example, there was a time when a medical client was threatening to leave the office even before he was attended to. This cam at a time when you were not in the office hence I had to deal with the same alone. I was able to apply my skills and as I am drafting this letter the client is still receives medical care from this office. He actually prefers my services whene...
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