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Personality (Essay Sample)

please write a paper explaining how is personality affected by the brain, memory, developmental, and perception. Please an online and reliable source for citing. source..
PERSONALITY Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (09 March, 2012) The Effects of the Brain, Memory, Developmental, and Perception The brain is normally capable of determining personality as far as biological approach is concerned. It constitutes a very significant function in establishing an individual’s personality. The stimulation of the brain electrically including split brain psychology postulates that a good understanding of the personality of human beings and character can emanate from close research on the brain. Given regions within the brain are associated with both pleasure and pain. The plasticity of the brain and its capacity can be molded through experience. This normally changes within the initial years of experiences. Within the period, there are pervasive effects on the development of personality (Goswami, 2006). The prevailing structures of the brain which play an important in the process of personality development include the right hemisphere. Within this period, the extensive circuitry is already present. Various theorists have made attempts to explain some unmet emotional requirements during early development time generating negative experiences in emotions. According to Waller, personality is developed because of the unconscious identification with the hereditary characteristics and environmental conditioning. These two factors affect neutral development of personality in an individual. If such conditioning is grossly identified, there is solidification of the experience of the personality of a given person. Within the initial stages of human development, the fledging limbic system is imprinted alongside energy characteristics left by...
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