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Personal Training Certificate. Is periodization beneficial for everyone? Why or why not? (Essay Sample)


Define periodization and its components (cycles). Provide a detailed explanation for how periodization could specifically benefit each of the following clients and how it would assist them in obtaining their ultimate goal(s)/objective(s): college soccer player, 35-year-old sedentary adult wanting to tone, long distance runner. Is periodization beneficial for everyone? Why or why not?


Personal training certificate
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Periodization refers to the planning of physical training by dividing it into various blocks of time, where each time fulfils a particular goal. It provides the body with diverse stresses that facilitate high speed, endurance and recovery for best performance in competition throughout the year (Prime Health Solutions, 2016, Feb 24). Periodization consists of three cycles. The macrocycle is the longest cycle, which focuses on gaining endurance, intensity, competition and recovery. It provides an overview of the training programs one will undergo through fairly low-intensity workouts. 

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