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Personal Identity: Religious Teaching (Essay Sample)


I need an essay written using as base the theses that I had to present in class.
I want to talk about my experiences as a mature woman in college now, and about my first experience when I was in College in Brazil before.
Talk about family, religion and my race
Cultural changes that i had to go through living in USA
How I had my values when I was on my 20s and full of dreams and how I see my values on my 40s after a divorce and no family.
About my passion for caring for lives and the decision to become a nurse and taking care of people and having a family in a different way.
Pleas try to use the info from my theses and from the the essay planing that i had to submit. The professor already saw these two papers.
I am copying the professors instructions and coping my 2 awful previous papers and the model was given to us
Please keep in mind that English is my second language and I am limited . as you can see i cant write nothing over the top.
The first essay in this class, Essay #1, involves uploading 4 files.
The focus of the Essay is your Identity--put your critical thinking cap on to delve into what makes you YOU? And more importantly, how have you constructed your familial, social, and cultural identity?
Specifically, provide 3-4 "formative" influences, values, roles, aspirations -- or 'cultural or social influences' (gender, race/ethnicity, talents, etc.) that may also considered influences. Do you practice martial arts? Passion for a game? Collect anything particular? Design, draw, dare, and dream?
Using your critical thinking, select from a field of influences those qualities that have shaped your personality, values, drive, work ethic, academic/professional goals, etc


Personal Identity
Growing up in Brazil I had a chance to develop within a culture that was enriching and more importantly life shaping (Bloom, 1990). Growing up a family of five and brought up by religious parents, we were taught to be God fearing and more importantly respective of one another in the society (Seelye & Howell, 1996). Family values were part of the strongest that were instilled in us, where having a husband and children was one of the highest forms of achievement (Wahrman, 2004). Now divorced and living in America, I have changed some of my perceptions (Sedere, 2005). I have gained new values that align with how I look at the concept of family. Family is the people that one is able to interact with professionally or socially (Narváez & Lapsley, 2009).
Growing up much of what shaped my identity were the religious teaching we got from the church and my parents (Abeles & Wellesley College, 2016). These aligned the values that I had as a child right into my young adulthood (Musschenga, Haaften, Spiecker & Slors, 2002). The decision I made and the way I interacted with people came with the values instilled, but this would soon change (Baumeister, 1986). It formed the gentler personality (Cash, 2018).
In my 20s, I was vibrant and full of life and most of my dreams were of the influences from my peers and the social norms that I could see around me (Arciero & Bondolfi, 2009). Having a family of my own was one of the most appealing stages in life. Finally being able to be part of unit and care for someone else other than myself (John, Pervin & Robins, 2010). At the stage one is constantly thinking about the big dreams in life (Port, 2011).
The marriage experience was not what I had hoped for and as such, I further had to change my identity (Houser & Thoma, 2012). In this case, I changed towards a more holistic approach (Somlai, 2018). The divorce brought a new meaning of family (Berg, 2013). I now consider family other than my siblings, as those that I am able to interact with at an integral level ("What is Self Identity? Understand the Question "Who am I"?", 2018). This has a great role in my c

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