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Personal Dilemma (Essay Sample)

Write a 250-500 word paper and discuss an ethical dilemma you or a friend/relative (remember to maintain confidentiality) may be facing. Apply Kidder's eight step process in resolving an ethical dilemma. Note whether or not the dilemma is a right versus wrong or right versus right dilemma. source..
Personal Dilemma

Behaving in a morally responsible manner is inevitable in the current competitive world. Everybody is expected to behave ethically disregarding the dilemma present in all prevailing situations. If all parties can behave in an ethical way potential conflicts between different parties can be minimized and this will lay the foundations of forming a morally responsible society where everybody will enjoy leaving.
This paper analyzes a personal ethical dilemma I faced and how it can be resolved using Kidder's eight step process. Role of ethics in creating a responsible society is also discussed.
Ethical Dilemma
Ethics refers to “consensually held positions on moral issues” (Flynn & Wiltermuth, 2010, p.2). Unethical conduct is very common among employees as they as they put personal interests fast as opposed to interest of business (Coughlan, 1999). The current difficult economic conditions and competition has also forced most sole proprietors to diverse strategies targeting at boosting performance using unethical means. Similarly to other sole proprietors I have constantly been tempted to acquire different products from illegal suppliers at relative lower price compared to official suppliers. Such products are lower quality though most consumers will not realize this reality. I will therefore make a larger profit margin which will impact at boosting overall profitability despite the prevailing difficult economic conditions.
This is not right. However, failing to use such a technique may impact at declined business performance and I might be forced to close the business due to stiff competition. Most customers are acquiring products which I supply at relative lower prices from companies who similarly acqui...
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