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Describe the Strategic Context and Performance Standards of an Organization (Essay Sample)

1.Review the Discussion Questions and User Checklist that are at the end of Chapter 5, The Strategic Context of Projects, in your text Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation. 2.In the User Checklist, identify the questions that you believe are relevant to the assigned readings for this module (Study Guide, textbooks, and web readings). 3.Answer each question as it applies to your organization, or interview someone about their organization. 4.Review your results from Step 3 and explain the reasons for each. For ideas, refer to the Discussion Questions, the assigned readings for this module, your own experience, or other resources that you think are relevant. 5.Write a paper that includes this information: The name of the organization and pertinent background information about it. Your results from Steps 2-4. Any additional conclusions you can draw from your answers. source..
Strategic Context and Performance Standards: a case of American Airlines
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Strategic Context and Performance Standards: a case of American Airlines
Famously known as AA, the American Airlines Incorporated is among the major airlines in the USA. The airlines headquarters is placed at Fort Worth, Texas. It operates both international and local flights with flights such as in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and South America. In spite of the name, American Airlines is however, not owned by the government, but it is a private commercial entity. In 2011, the company filed for protection against bankruptcy, and this saw the then chairman Arpey Gerald step down and Thomas W. Horton was appointed in his place (Crenshaw, 2006). I was specifically interested in studying the strategic context and performance standards of this firm. My evaluation spanned from the time the company president Thomas W. Horton took over from Gerald Arpey as the company chairman. I got an opportunity to interview the human resource director concerning various issues of strategic context and performance; here are the excerpts and observations.
Are the projects within American Airlines being managed from a strategic perspective?
The Interview with the human resource director revealed that AA is managed from a strategic perspective. This is because, since emerging from bankruptcy t...
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