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Penn State Traces (Essay Sample)

the sources in the doc i attached source..
PENN STATE TRACES Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Penn State Traces Every university has a trace or form of landmark. This is due to the changes that always take place in its environs and alumni participation. The most important trace to the university was the change of its name fromPennsylvania State College to the present Pennsylvania State University. The then university president,Milton Eisenhowerwas responsible for this change. This change was quite significant as it lead to a series s of events (Greenstein, 1979). To begin with, with the upgrade from a college to a fully pledged university, the number of courses offered was increased. In addition new courses were introduced which led to an influx in the student enrolment. This change also resulted to the construction of new building in the area and the naming of different places with the university brand. This trace is significant to me as it marked the first changes of the campus and its environs. This trace gives account of the powers of a university president. He/ she has the powers to change the university`s name with consultation form other bodies. Alumni participation to a place or institution varies depending on a couple of factors. Many scholars have examined alumni giving at universities thereby explain what factors determine the individual donation. To begin with, one`s social life plays a critical role in how he/she will contribute to the alumni kitty. Factors like level of income determine how much of disposable income available to the alumni for it to be sent back to the university. A university`s leadership, mission and experiences throughout the learning period determine the level of participation in giving back to the institution. The culture of satisfaction and fulfilment in a particular university will determine levels of participation. For example, an alumnus who was more satisfied with his learning experience in Penn State will give back more to the university than the person who was not fully satisfied. Increased level of student involvement also determines the level of participation in terms of alumni activities and donations. There is a lot of value in students`involvement and leadership to their contribution. For example, a student who was more involved in the University`s activities in the form of an active participant will feel indebted to the institution and will make an effort to contribute more than the passive alumni. Another scenario is when a student held a leadership position in the university. The chances of such a person to participate more in alumni activities and therefore contribute more are high compared to the other person who was a regular student (Dressler& George, 1993). The university should therefore focus on improving not only the academic experiences of students but also the co- curricular activities. The overall factor that determines alumni contribution is his/...
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