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Paper Proposal: Ramayana (Essay Sample)

Read the attached paper and then do a proposal paper for it: Paper proposal Topic: Ramayana 1- what work you gonna deal with 2- which characters 3- 5 short quotes + short explain What do you want to argue about in your paper(controversial claim) Source: The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter Second Edition, Volume 1 (ISBN 9780393933024), 2009. NOTE: in attached paper is the full paper requirements, but this paper is only the proposal for it. source..
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Paper Proposal: Ramayana
More than just mere stories, epics, dramas, and lyrics provide a deeper look at the strengths and failures of humanity. Still, an analysis of literary texts is needed before one can discern what these works are really about. Thus, in relation, the proposed paper will involve an analysis of the Indian epic "Ramayana;, especially its different elements. The proposed paper will consider the different characters of the story, as well as the specific way in which they are described, while at the same time considering the lyrical expressions figures of speech, and the patterns of action.
More specifically, the proposed paper will look into the role played by fate in the story, especially in contrast to free will. This will be achieved by comparing the treatment of fate in two different texts by two different authors. More specifically, the character of Rama...
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