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My Journey towards Literacy Narrative Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This is the outline suggestion :You've got some beautiful strands of narrative here: "the white washed school, I was shy and isolated myself from my pupils", the specific inclusions of (some of my favorite!) poets, the description of possessing an observant and analytical mind. I really like the idea of the self-constructed cocoon" you created, and I'm also curious to see more of the specifics of the influence your father had in shaping your personality. I also love the description of the high school library, and the moments of ambiance and smells, and the applause you get from the audience after reading.
You have most of the ideas down, but I think now it's just a matter of creating more of a structure for your essay--and this mostly has to do with creating more of a specific narrative in your beginning paragraph: you only mention that you vividly recall your first encounters with your favorite literary works, but perhaps you might want to include the names of the poets you mention earlier on. Where were you when you first encountered these authors? IN a library? Did you make a habit of sitting and reading the books? I'm curious to see more present moment, and for you to map your trajectory/ journey within that first paragraph/ thesis statement (which is where I also want to see three clear points that will guide readers through what you'll be talking about in your body paragraphs).


My Journey towards Literacy Narrative
I can still vividly recall my first encounters with literacy works that made me love reading and, eventually, developing skills in writing. My favorite poets were Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop, and Allen Ginsberg. I liked their simple style of writing and the ability to capture everyday phenomena with satire, sarcasm, and humor. I first encountered these authors in the school library. I loved to visit the library whenever we had no classwork. Sometimes, I would sneak into the library at games time since I never liked to mingle with other students. I also read their works online, and gradually I became hooked to their literary works. I believe they shaped my English competency and language skills. From infancy to adult—pre-elementary times to college years—I have developed enormous skills in writing. My mother always told me that I am so good at expressing myself verbally, which made most people believe in my words. My father would later be instrumental in taking with him to community assignments, group meetings. He is the one who exposed me to the world outside my shell. Although school helped me to sharpen my language skills, I am convinced my parents and friends played a significant role as well in boosting my confidence and helping me to discover my talent.

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