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First of all I would like to have the same writer that completed order # 00013941 since he has a working knowledge of the topic plus I want everything to be symmetrical. Writer, submit a sentence outline based on your research topic. (the research topic is the same one as order # 00013941). Remember to use the revised thesis statement you used on order 00013983 last week. To help you out, I have uploaded an example. source..
Thesis Statement:The vaccination and existing natural immunity from the first wave of Influenza Virus outbreak has had significant impact over those concerned. Consequently, recent medical research predicts that another peak will likely occur again soon.
I. The Influenza virus is highly infectious and can easily affect a large portion of a population at the same time.
a. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there a six-stage classification which practically describes how the influenza virus becomes a pandemic.
b. Regardless of age, sex, etc., the influenza epidemic can affect virtually anyone.
II. The Influenza virus continues to pose as a serious threat in the world today; on the other hand, research in that area continues to expand and solidify relative facts.
a. The effect of the Influenza Virus is indeed profound, no matter the time or place - from severe cases recorded in Ancient Egypt to the recent incidence that has occurred over Hong Kong. Most recent incidences that have made history were the 1918, 1957 and 1968 pandemics.
b. With the recent developments in medical technology, several widely held concepts concerning the global epidemiology of influenza were finally firmly proven as false.
c. Th...
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