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Outline for Restaurant Owner Interview (Essay Sample)


I need an outline in APA format for an interview that I'm scheduled to have with a restaurant owner named Ricardo Lepe. He owns El Tapatio restaurant in Ma. The outline needs to be in outline format and include questions that I may ask the owner. For example, what challenges and issues may he have as a restaurant owner. How do you deal with the issues etc. I need references and a cover page


Outline for restaurant owner interview
Student’s name
Institutional Affiliation
Interview for: Ricardo Lowe, owner of El Tapatio Restaurant
Interviewed by: date:
I humbly welcome you to this interview as the owner of El Tapatio Restaurant which has grown tremendously in the recent past. I would like to commend you for the outstanding job that you and all the employees are doing to ensure that the restaurant continues to serve its clients in an appropriate manner. It is with much respect that I kindly request you to dedicate part of time to this interview process to help the general public to understand your business philosophy, future aspirations, and the prospects of the catering industry at large. The interview shall be organized into various categories where I will ask you various questions regarding various aspects surrounding your operations.
Personal Information
I would like you to kindly respond to the below listed questions to the best of your knowledge
Where did you acquire your entrepreneurial skills that have seen come this far in the restaurant and hotel industry? (Name institutions where you acquired your training and managerial skills)
What motives led you to come up with the idea of establishing this restaurant?
Apart from this restaurant are there any business that you own/co-own? (Specify the industries in which they operate
Do you have plans of enhancing you managerial and or operational skills? (Please name the learning institutions that you think may enhance your skills)
II. Employee Benefits
1. What kind of major medical care are your employees able to access?
2. How much of the premium do they pay for the same?
3. Is the premium out of their pre-tax pay?
4. What is your take on Reid & Bojanic (2010)’s observation that firms in the restaurant business have to pay medical covers for their employees?
III. Trends in the entire industry
Adams (2008) observes that the emergence of fast food companies in the US is threatening the dominance of restaurants. How prepared are to tackle such an emerging trend?
You will have to realize that technology is changing so fast and if the views expressed by Ninemeier & Hayes (2006) are anything to go by then you will have to adjust accordingly or risk being thrown out of business. What is your take on this issue?
According to the research findings provided by Barth & Hayes (2006), strategic positioning of the firms is linked to improved sales and revenues. What is your firm doing to enhance strategic positioning?
The menu that is being provided by your firm shows that you are trying to diversify the products being offered in line with the suggestions offered by Reid & Bojanic (2010). Are there plans to continue adding more dishes to those being prepared by your restaurant?
Modern businesses are shifting to quality...
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