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Organizational Research Paper (Essay Sample)

1.Research the Web for actual instances of an organizational structure of your choice. 2.Develop a five-page research paper outlining the rationale for this type of organizational structure. 3.Include in your paper the flexibility of this organizational structure to support the projects it initiates. source..
Organizational Research Paper Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Organizations are run in different ways; each organization has to come up with a strategy that is appropriate for the different needs of the organization. An organization structure can help or affect the organizations ability to achieve its goals. Some organizational structures definitely impair the ability of an organization to deliver projects successfully. Choosing an organizational structure that properly fits the organization needs is very imperative to the success of an organization. There three project management organizational structures that an organization can adopt; they are matrix, pure project and functional structures. Each and every organization must compare and contrast these three organizational structures to find one that will best suit the needs and wants of the organization. Once an organization has found its proper organization structure, then this will guide them through the road to success. All the three project management organizational structures have advantages and disadvantages. When used correctly and under the right environment, the selected structure can help in completion of projects. An organizational structure can also hurt the success of a project or projects and some can impair the ability to deliver projects in the time frame allocated. Some organizational structures can also play a role in the ability to share organizational resources and impair the ability of the workers in project delivery. However, the projects can work properly when and if the project managers understand the project management organizational structure well and have good communication. Organizations must therefore compare and contrast all the organizational structures for them to pick one that is best suited to any particular project. This paper discus the matrix project management organization structure and the flexibility of this organizational structure to fit the projects init...
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