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Online Shopping And Jeff Bezos Opened Online Stores (Essay Sample)


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Online Shopping
Online Shopping
During the internet boom in 1999-2000, things changed and those who saw it as an opportunity like Jeff Bezos opened online stores. The success of Amazon inspired other bookstores to consider having an online presence. People were excited at the thought of buying books online and slowly portals like and saw it fit to start online shopping channels where it would be possible for people to buy more than books. Currently, millions shop online and in 2012 Forrester Research reported that consumers spent $1207 in 2011. The article also estimated that by 2016, consumers will spend $1738. This as noted in that report represented a 44% increase in only 4 years and in the US alone. The popularity of online shopping is indeed astounding and these numbers are indicative of the steady growth of online shopping. It is estimated that more than 90% Americans shop online and these numbers are only eclipsed by China which boasts of a higher population than the US. The truth is that online shopping is highly convenient and saves one time initially used to drive and walking around stores. It was and still is revolutionary and its popularity is expected continue growing. However, this article's focus is not on the numbers or how the world responds to online shopping but on the devices people use to shop online. In spite of the proliferation or increase in the use of mobile devices, this article seeks to showcase that people still prefer their laptops and PCs while shopping online.
Currently, there are numerous options or platforms that people can use to do their online shopping. However, people seem to prefer the old and traditional PC over their portable phones and tablets. There is no secret that mobile is becoming incredibly popular all over the world but for some reason shoppers have not warmed up to the idea of using their phones to shop yet. While quoting UPS or United Problem Solvers, an article in Luth Research provides the following statistics regarding online shopping: “44% of online shoppers use desktop or a laptop computer for their online purchases, and 41% prefer a physical store. This leaves only 7% shopping via tablet, 4% through a catalog, and 4% shopping via smartphone” (2016). However, the numbers above should not be misconstrued to mean that people will always shop on their PCs and laptops because this trend is expected to change. In his article, Peep Laja explicitly stated that mobile devices (this includes tablets) are the future and people are expected to make the switch soon.
However, there are some reasons as raised by some people why people still prefer to use their PCs and laptops. First of all, tablets have smaller screens and therefore, cannot be compared to a 14 or 15 inch computer or laptop. While conducting online shopping, it is essential that one sees the product images clearly

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