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OL 501 Milestone Three Worksheet (Essay Sample)


Overview: In this milestone, you will submit the Strategy and Key Performance Indicators for your chosen case study. Use the worksheet provided to complete the strategy and key performance indicators. Make sure your chosen strategy is in line with the company’s mission and values. Your KPIs should fit the chosen strategy and provide objective measures.


OL 501 Milestone Three Worksheet
In this milestone, discuss what the company needs to do to change direction and what the success will look like. Complete the following:
1 Based on the environmental (SWOT/TOWS) analysis you conducted on your chosen organization, what strategy would you recommend to move the organization in a new direction? The strategy should be a high-level explanation of what issues you uncovered in your analysis and how to improve the organization’s market and financial performance.
American Apparel should renegotiate debt terms with creditors, hire a new CEO, expand its online business sector, and reform its brand identity. With a debt interest payment of $14 million due at the end of April, negotiating loan terms will avoid defaulting hence maintaining the ability of the company to access debt into the future. The company should continue its focus on building a good online sales platform and support it with adverting and branding. Advertising, in this case, should avoid the controversial sexually provocative contents favored by Charney. Advertising and branding, which is one of its core strengths (Mehta, 2016), will be integral in turning around the fortunes of the company. With debt renegotiated and a dedicated focus on the online business sector, the organization’s market and financial position will improve.
2 Identify the key functional organizations that will be involved in implementing your chosen strategy (marketing, operations, accounting, sales, HR, etc.). What role does each functional organization play in implementing the strategy?
The implementation of the strategy will be overseen by accounting, sales, marketing, and operations functions of the organization. The accounting function will renegotiate the debt terms and coordinate with other functions on key financial metrics. The sales function in conjunction with the marketing function will oversee the improvement of the online platform to boost online sales. The operation function will

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