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Office Politics: Mixed Effects On Employees (Essay Sample)


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Note: Write several paragraphs to cover all the components of the assignment. Remember, your discussion board assignments are graded. You will need to post the assignment below AND then respond to two of your classmate's posts before you will be graded. When you respond to someone's post, please add a salutation (i.e., Hi, Stella) at the top of the message. It leaves a friendly impression. You should also include a close (i.e., Best regards, Ralph). And, whatever you do, keep the name of your firm and your boss confidential on the discussion board!
Please go to the Assignments section of the course and read the articles there about office politics.
Discussion Board Post
There is an old saying that politics is everywhere and that the decision NOT to be political IS a political decision! By being aware of company politics involving your boss, peers, and self and by responding effectively to organizational politics, you will be seen as a mature and wise person.
This assignment will be a quick and relatively easy one:
Read the attached articles and compose a post to the course discussion board that is thoughtful and relevant to what you have observed in the workplace in terms of office politics. Use a specific incident (or incidents) to illustrate your claims. What you describe may involve others or you may have been a participant in the interaction. Be sure to reference ideas from the assigned articles.
You will earn credit for being thoughtful and original. You are welcome to respond to and expand upon the post of another student but "me too" posts will not earn credit.


Office politics
Office politics are the campaigns that individuals use for personal benefit within the office setup in the workplace. Some individuals try to evade office politics while others relish it so much and use it to gain power in their workplaces. It cannot be ignored since it is the main factor in the running of an office. Office politics have mixed effects on employees depending on the relationship between the employee and employer. The effects range from favorable to fatal and thus affecting productivity.
Office politics at their best are counter-productive and very damaging (Rosen, Ferris, Brown, Chen, & Yan, 2013). When an employee believes that decisions made by the employer are biased and unfair, they get demoralized (Myers, 2014). This makes office politics to have a damaging impact. For an individual to warrant success, they have to go through the minefield of office politics (Singhala & Guptab). By avoiding politics, an individual may suffer unnecessarily whereas others take advantage of the situation.
Office politics is detrimental to busin

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