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Nursing Application Essay: Emergency Medical Services (Essay Sample)


Applicants are required to submit a 300 word essay. This essay must be double spaced. In the essay briefly tell who you are, explain your motivations for a registered nursing career, describe why you will be a good nurse, and express what you think your biggest challenge will be if accepted. Below is a paragragh giving some information about myself.
My name is Michael Edwards, I am 40 years old and I live in Quitman, Ga. I am originally from Jesup, Ga and have been in Quitman for the past 8 years. I am married and have three children, my oldest just left for basic training in the army, and my other two children are twins and are seniors in high school. My husband and I have been together for 9 years and have been married 3 years this December. My husband is the current Magistrate Judge in Brooks County. Being a gay couple in South Georgia, we have been blessed and have been accepted by our community. I am an Emergency Medical Technical and have been for the past 16 years. I have been employed at South Georgia Medical Center for three years this September. Up until March of this year I worked in the Emergency Room as a Rapid Triage Officer. I basically laid eyes on patients as they entered the ER and made sure that they were stable enough to go through the registration and triage process. In March of this year I transferred to the EMS department, so that I could better utilize the skills that I was taught in EMT school. Prior to starting work at South Georgia Medical Center, I worked for county based 911 ambulance services as well as private non-emergency transport services; I have also worked as in EMT in an industrial setting. My husband and I also owned a private ambulance service and provided 911 coverage to Brooks County and provided emergency and non-emergency transport for patients to and from local hospitals. When my husband decided to run for Magistrate Judge, we decided to get out of the ambulance and sold the service to Grady EMS.
I believe my biggest challenge would be balancing work, family and school


Nursing Application Essay

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Nursing Application Essay

In my life, nothing has derived more satisfaction than helping sick patients regain back their normal health. The brimful emotions from the faces of recuperated patients have always energized and motivated my eagerness to become a professional nurse. My name is Michael Edwards. I am 40 years old, and I have lived in Quitman, Ga for the past eight years. I have been married for three years with three children. As an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with 16 years of experience, I have gained important skills and knowledge about handling patients and placing them on the path to recovery. Therefore, my primary motivation for a registered nursing career stems from a rich background of emergency medical training and the provision of emergency medical services to patients in both private and public health settings.

I have worked for three years as an

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