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Normal (Essay Sample)

This week, lets look at what normal means. In my profession, there are a lot of abnormal people (joke!). One of the things that you will see on every newscast of the weather are statistics on the daily temperature. "Today's high was 82 degrees, which is 3 degrees below normal..." Using relevant materials, why is it that "normal" can be a misleading statistic? What about in an apartment fire? Do you think your natural response would differ across these events from protective actions and guidelines? source..

What is "Normal;?
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Every day, people encounter things similar to what they expected and have experienced each day of their lives. People behave based on certain social standards and principles. Social problems, individuals, and many other things are viewed and assessed depending on a particular framework relevant to the society where it is drawn from. This is the way people understand normality. Being normal is thus being the everyday ‘average` or at least being with the majority. Being normal is somewhat being with the ‘right` pattern present in the community. Looking at this however, normality is not a very secure idea since the word conveys relative notions and some political underpinnings. What is considered to be normal depends more likely on the person or community defining it. Thus, the word does have relative meaning and changing implications.
In sociology, normalit...
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