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Robert Evans Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Robert Evans saved Paramount Pictures in 1970 when he presented a brief film to the company’s board of directors that persuaded them not to sell the studio. This is an inspired proposal. While Evans may have delivered his pitch on screen instead of putting it down on paper, he nevertheless defined the studio’s problems in a way that resonated with the board of directors and then proposed a plan detailing how the studio could succeed. Please watch the video and consider the following questions: How does Evans define the past mistakes Paramount and other Hollywood studios have made? What rhetorical strategies does Evans employ to appeal to his target audience—a group of displeased executives who primarily care about the studio’s bottom line? Do you think a short film like Evans’s produced in the 21stcentury (probably on YouTube) would convince today’s executives to take a financial risk? (It is discussion board so just write what you want to write and my major is psychology)


Robert Evans
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February 8, 2020
Robert Evans is perhaps one of the most legendary personalities in the film industry. Without him, Paramount Pictures that has already produced some of the most iconic films around the world would have trodden a very different path and had not created the same movies that we have enjoyed through the years. Accordingly, a closer look at Evans’ life would show that his act of convincing the executives of Paramount Pictures required a lot of empathy, foresight, and understanding of human nature. Specifically, he used rhetorical strategies such as logos and pathos to continue running the studio on their

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