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Analysis paper about My Writing (Essay Sample)

1. The Essay should be an Analysis paper about My Writing. 2. It should be a Thesis- driven paper, which is structured around a central Thesis.( positive ) 3. The Essay should have atleast 5 paragraphs. source..

Running Head: My writing
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My writing experience has been dramatic since I was introduced to writing in the early years of my childhood. I acknowledge my kindergarten teacher who introduced me to the construction of basic sentences in English. This initial stage was characterized by brainstorming and in most instances; I had to come up with topics or ideas to write about. The practice was to relax and think about anything, in a collective way, and then write the ideas I was thinking about on a paper. This criterion was so exciting and enjoyable and it provided me with the base of an interesting essay writing which has currently culminated my writing abilities CITATION The09 \l 1033 (Com, 2009).
Consequently, what followed later was a different thinking mode of writing where I was to configure the outline of what to write about before I undertake any writing. Despite being restraining, it provided with an inherent way of predicting what I was about to write. For instance, it provided with the directions to imbibe knowledge on the topic I was writing about. Writing, according to me, is paved by freedom where one can exhaust all the outcomes of what he/she is writing about in which without incorporating such freedom of mind then the outcome will be a structure with lack of inner voice.
The writing process has been base...
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