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My Travel To England: History And Structures (Essay Sample)


I am an immigrant from Africa. I want to have an event essay that I would like to have. The topic is my first arrival to England.


My Travel to England
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March 18, 2018
For many people, England is a country, a tourist destination, and a treasure trove of opportunities. While this is true in almost every sense possible, my first arrival in the country brought me to the impression that England is also “cultural experience”. From the walls of the Buckingham Palace to the pillars of the Stonehenge, I've always been fascinated by how these artifacts of time present themselves. However, to further clarify my interests, I believe that it would be best to give a brief background about myself. For the most part of my life, I've learned the ways of living within the African continent. This includes studying and working in an African city where I knew almost every people living in the city. Being in England, however, gives me a unique and fresh perspective on the world bigger than what I was used to. In England, you won't usually see the same people in the streets every day, taste local African cuisines, learn African history, and hear the melodies of traditional African music. While this has been a downer for me for a certain amount of time, all the good things that I've experienced in England has made me realized how lucky I am to be in this country where culture lives just like how it does back at home. In this article, I want to tell some of the reasons why I believe that England is mostly a cultural experience and/or journey. After this, I would want to elaborate more on the things that I loved being here.
History and Structures
Back in Africa, almost every street, buildings, signs, arts, and other infrastructures embody the native ways of living. Although most of them are ‘westernized' there is a feeling that the old ways are embodied and emanates from how things are portrayed and perceived by the people. In other words, my experience in my home country made me realize that despite being in constant flux, the expression and the perception of people stay the same – the African Way. This is practically the same for England as everything that could be seen in the streets, from the graffiti in the wall to the art deco in the museum, speaks something about the history and the very essence of its culture. For example, ever since I've seen Buckingham Palace, I see a representation of grandeur and power, whereas the Big Ben shows me a piece of the country's history where technological innovation paved way for its supremacy.
While some people might regard my comments about the relationship between everyday things

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