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Describe My First Day of High School (Essay Sample)


This needs to be a narrative essay about first day of high school. Avoid the use of dialogue in your narrative. I first started high school in 1993. I attended high school in Montgomery, AL


My First Day of High School
Due Date
My First Day of High School
Going to school was never a problem for me. I loved school and as I was about to join high school, I was happy because of the expectations I had. First of all, going to high school meant that my responsibilities changed in that they became different for me. My parents could expect more from me and I wanted to prove to them that I was responsible. Secondly, I wanted to work hard in my academics and put myself in a position to get a scholarship in one of the Ivy League schools. Thirdly, I wanted to make a lot of friends and have new experiences. School is not about academics alone. There is the social aspect of school and I wanted to make sure that I can advance all these aspects. I also wanted to have experiences in high school and live to tell my children or those that come after how life was for me in highs school. So, before my first day in high school, my itinerary was full and I was ready to hit the ground running.
My first day in high school started around seven in the morning. I woke up to my screeching alarm and took fifteen minutes to get ready to have breakfast. While having breakfast, my parents started talking about their experiences of high school and soon I was in the middle of a conversation

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