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My Father Essay (Essay Sample)


I am a non-native English speaker who don't know sophisticate vocabulary. Please add those vocabularies. The purpose is only for my studying.


My Father
A father creates a big difference in a child’s life. He is mainly considered as a pillar of support, strength and discipline. While they play a crucial role in the growth of their children, fathers who are energetically involved in nurturing their children can create a positive and lasting difference in their lives. Additionally, a father’s work is endless and sometimes thankless but in the end, his work is seen in the well-balanced and sound children he raises.
Availability of financial resources: My father being an active father has provided me with the opportunity to access resources that have contributed to my healthy development. For example, I have had the access to food, shelter, quality medical care and clothing. Additionally, my father’s active role has contributed to the fact that we are better off financially. Apart from the financial support I get from my father, my father provides me with the necessary emotional support in times of anger, fear, sadness, joy and frustration. This kind of emotional support has also provided me with the conscious to see and act to the needs of others whenever I can.
Self-esteem: My father has been fully involved with my life and he has always made me feel valued, because of that, I have a high self-esteem which makes me feel confident about myself and happier when interacting with others. Additionally, my father has significantly contributed to my intellectual growth by being actively involved in raising me, thus I always exhibit better problem solving skills and excellent social skills. Additionally, my father’s role in my life has also contributed in my ability to score higher on matters of mathematical and verbal ability.

Play time. My father takes time to bond with me through plays. For example, by playing a physical style plays with my father, like wrestling, I have gained improved cognitive abilities. In regards to my academic success, my father’s active role in my life has enabled me to achieve academic excellence and as I have now matured to adulthood, this positive quality of my father has extended to my adulthood. Furthermore, my father having been available in my upbringing lowered the chances of engaging in early sexual activity. I was not involved in early sexual activities and it also reduced the chances of me contracting sexually transmitted diseases and situations of early teen pregnancies.
My father’s involvement in my life also helped to reduce the chances of me dropping out of school and also the chances of me having any kind of suicidal thoughts. Additionally, I was also able to choose a good company of friends. In addition, his active involvement in my life lowered the chances of me committing any type of juvenile crimes while lowering the cha...
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