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Music Appreciation (Essay Sample)

Please answer the following questions below when writing the paper. Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer quickly. I was thinking of maybe the Early Romantic era. Composition (or Album) Analytical Research Paper Due July 1st (Friday): The idiom is student choice, whether Symphonic, Operatic, Choral, Folk, Popular or other. Papers will include: A Cover Page An Introduction Main Body (Three page minimum) Biographical Sketch of Artist History of the Composition Analytical Description, References Cited Page. Timeline in History overview of subject The Middle Ages The Renaissance Period The Early Baroque Period The Late Baroque Period The Early Romantics The Late Romantics The Twentieth Century: Early Modernism Alternatives to Modernism The Late Twentieth Century Music in America: Jazz and Beyond Name of artist and/or group Name of song(s) Style of Music History of the artist Total in group including instrumentation Why was this/these artist(s) chosen? Past, present, future influences What influences in history lead to the artist view of his/her/their music? How has the group/artists style change or influences history/music? Describe new or revamped music styles that lead to your subject. Did technology influence this style? If not, what did? source..

Music Acceptance
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(30 June, 2011)
Music Acceptance
The romanticism era is classified into two different eras that consists of the Early and the Late Romantics era /periods. These ranged from the second half of the 18th century all the way to 1910 in Europe and spread to the other parts of the world and thus resulting to industrial revolution. The essence behind the name the Romanticism era was because of the romantic emphases that the era was encountering at the time this is from the literature, visual arts, music and other forms of art.
The romanticism era was characterized by pieces of works that demonstrated the true deep feelings of the artists inform of their works, this is where the artists who lived during the period used their works to express their emotions. At the same time it described their deeper feelings and their human truth, and this new styles were aimed at ensuring that the literal works suits the intended purpose of showing the romantic state of the era; this led to the era being referred to as the Romanticism era (Clive, 2001).
Music of the Early Romantic Era
Music just like any other form of literal art is developed as a result of deep human feelings, personal observations and nature. These are some of the factors that push one into composing a song and music that will be used to soothe the listeners; thus helping the singers to pass their massage to their listeners in the process of singing (Dorak, 2008). The early romantic era is believed to range from the 1820s – 1850s. The introduction the music early romantic was mainly characterized by the individual and emotional expression that was used by the musicians to express their joy, sorrow, success, obsession and desires. For this reason, the form in which the musicians addressed their feelings in the different fields varied but were all aimed at expressing their romantic nature; thus contributing to the name of the songs composed during the period to be known as romantic songs (Clive, 2001).
It is noted that the romantic era songs were as a result of the pressure that was as a result of the catalytic revolt that was well known as the French Revolution, this is because of the revolution ...
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