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More People Turning to Telecommuting (Essay Sample)

-Watch the video titled “More People Turning to Telecommuting” (5 min 21 s), found on NBC Learn. Type the title into the search field, then click the thumbnail video that appears. Be prepared to discuss. https://archivesbb(dot)nbclearn(dot)com/portal/site/BbHigherEd/search -Compare and contrast the communication methods used to manage a virtual team as opposed to a face-to-face team. Also, discuss the challenges of communication often faced with each type of team. -Support your comparison with a personal project (formal or informal) and apply your experience with communication during the project to justify your opinion. source..

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More People Turning To Telecommuting
Virtual communications is becoming more popular as technologies continue increasing, while though still being used, but face-to-face communication its usage is decreasing. In addition, in most cases, virtual communication is written, while in most cases, face-to-face communication is verbal. However, both virtual and face-to-face communications have negatives and positives.
In addition, both methods can support synchronous and asynchronous meetings. Zack (1993) explains that, with the two methods, spontaneous meetings, where individuals can exchange ideas with little structure are possible. Under synchronous meetings, it is very difficult to establish the reasons behind certain decisions. On the other hand, synchronous meetings are well structured, and the communicators have more time to discuss the issue in-depth, till everyone knows the reasons behind a particular decision. Apart from these,
Communication methods used to m...
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