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Mododo Compact Car Air Purifier - Purification Equipment (Essay Sample)


You will write a research-based persuasive essay of at least 4.5 pages (>1125 words), with a final draft that is typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font.In your essay, you will either propose a new product or a new market for an existing product. Your essay should assess:

A) the target market for the product and why the target consumer would purchase it;

B) the costs of making and selling the product, its suggested retail price, and how you expect to convince consumers to pay that price for the product;

C) an analysis of the product's positive and negative externalities and a plan to maximize the former while minimizing the latter.

Whether you propose a new product or a new market for an existing product, your essay MUST be based on research. If you choose a new product, use research on similar products that currently exist to predict the answers to A. B, and C. If you are proposing a new market for an existing product, use research on the product in its current market(s) to predict the answers to A, B, and C.

You must also be sure to introduce your product thoroughly in your introduction; what does it do, from what materials is it constructed; where is/would it be manufactured; how does it work; how is/would be any power required by the product supplied; and, of course, what is it called. This will mean that your introduction will be longer than your conclusion.


Madodo Compact Car Air Purifier
Reduction of both air pollution and its effects take a more personal touch thanks to the manufacturing industry's innovations and inventions. Air purification equipment is flooding the homecare market as more homeowners seek to enhance the comfort of their places by purifying the air circulating in their residences. Air pollution is mostly associated with the outdoor air and thus receiving a lot of attention from environmental groups, non-profits, and government organizations in equal measures. However, scientific research proves that indoor air pollution could be as much harmful or hazardous to a person as the outdoor air. Dust particles, pollen, smoke from cigarettes, and even bad odor cause irritation to the respiratory system of an individual or trigger asthmatic attacks in the extreme cases. Air purification techniques at workplaces and at homes thus took precedence creating investment opportunities from the manufacturing industry which in return continues to make a return on revenues up to date. The manufacture of air purification gadgets for confined areas such vehicular interiors creates an opportunity for manufacturers who waste no time in inventing techniques solely meant for this purpose, Car air purifiers.
People are increasingly becoming sensitive to their immediate environment wherever it is they reside, work, or even during their travel from one point to the other. Awareness of air pollution, its effects on the atmosphere, and consequent repercussion to the well-being of human beings is a cause for concern by individuals and health organizations alike. The need to enhance the safety and good health of the universe cannot be downplayed as its growth and development are dependent on a healthy habitat. A conducive environment increases the productivity of a nation's economy as the people can maximize their potential as cases of ill health or an ailing community would be drastically reduced. The manufacturing industry capitalizes on the growing sensitivity around the world and people's need to be in control of their health needs and concerns. It is no longer up to the government alone to enact measures to reduce environmental and air pollution to enhance the well-being of their citizens. Personal spaces such as an individual's car interior have become their responsibility as they seek to enhance the safety of the air they breathe at the comfort of their automobiles. It is important at this point to make a clarification on the difference between the newly designed air purifiers and common or rather the inbuilt air conditioning system in most cars. The air purifier that is being introduced to the market is the Mododo Compact Air Purifier that is designed to efficiently carry out all its functions with the enclosed space and also at a small office space thanks to its USB connectivity. Elimination of odors, airborne allergens or pollens, prevention of fatigues, and improving concentration while driving are functions never achieved with more finesse than with the use of the new model design Mododo portable HEPA air purifier for automobiles. The stylish air purifier stands out among its competition with its attractive elegant design of an aluminum body finished with metallic colors. It is not bulky and perfectly fits in the standard cup holder consuming small amounts of energy which can be powered by either the 12v car adapter or through the USB cable.
The High-efficiency particulate absorber in the Mododo compact air purifier comes in handy for all the car owners who wish to create a more comfor

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