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Research The Modern Trends In Aircraft Electrical System (Essay Sample)


Project Details
You are required to research on one of the following topics (of your choice) and submit a paper on the topic:
“The modern trends in aircraft…………………system”
(Fill in the blank with your selected aircraft system)
Aircraft Fuel System
Aircraft Electrical System
Aircraft Hydraulic System
Aircraft Instrumentation System
-I chose Aircraft Electrical System-
Please note the following:
Your research should focus on various components of the system, how their performance has improved with advancing technology, how are they performing on modern commercial jets and finally describe these components with examples from commonly used commercial aircraft. You are not required to give the basic details of the system as learnt in the class room. Instead look for the latest developments in your selected aircraft system and explain the same in your paper. Your research will be supported with examples from current commercial airplanes in operation with major airlines of the world.


The Modern Trends in Aircraft Electrical System
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The aviation industry is undergoing significant technological development as witnessed in some of the major airline carriers. Modern technologies such as Power Electronic Systems (PES) and other sophisticated systems have been introduced in airlines like Airbus and Boeing. The advancement in technology has enabled aviation operators to replace traditional power solutions with modern ones that involve the use of electric appliances hence referred to as More Electric Aircraft (MEA). The concept of More Electric Aircraft has enabled substitution of traditional power devices such as pneumatic and hydraulic with better and effective electrical devices. Consequently, one electrical system has replaced about three systems of generating and distributing power. The aviation industry has therefore benefited significantly because of decline in costs of operation, decrease in the release of dangerous substances and improvement in reliability. The concept of More Electric Aircraft has facilitated designing of electrical power systems in modern airlines to use high voltage and also better Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) connections. The DC and AC connections use various voltages in the modern airlines with about 400 VAC variable frequency, 270 VDC, and 200 VAC variable frequencies (Emandi and Ehsani, 2000). This paper will, therefore, focus on advanced electrical components and trends in the modern airlines and also their performance.
One of the advanced trends in electric production and distribution in the modern aircraft is an Electrical power generation of automatic electrical systems. The technological advancement of airlines in term

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