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Mindfulness to Shift Stress Perspective from Negative to Positive (Essay Sample)


How does mindfulness-based activity help one in shifting their perspectives on stress from negative to positive, as is discussed in the video “How to make stress your friend” by Dr. Kelly McGonigal. Please make sure you discuss:
1. The contents of Dr. McGonigal's Tedtalk (What is the talk on and why is it important?)
Please watch the tedtalk.
2. The definition of mindfulness (What is mindfulness?)
3. How mindfulness can help one view stress as a positive motivator rather than a negative. (How can you apply mindfulness to Dr. McGonigal's theory on using stress as a motivator?)
These questions act as prompts for you to formulate an essay-style post. Each one gives an idea of what to write for an introduction, body, and conclusion of your post. Please make sure you follow the rules of grammar and punctuation when formulating your post and classmate response.


Using Mindfulness to Shift Stress Perspective from Negative to Positive
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Using Mindfulness to Shift Stress Perspective from Negative to Positive
Looking at stress from a positive perspective can lead to a healthier and happier life. Analysis of previous studies shows that more Americans died prematurely merely from the belief that stress is harmful to their health. On the contrary, those experiencing more stress and did not view stress as detrimental to their health had the lowest risk of dying. From this analysis, a belief that stress is harmful is more likely to cause death than some terminal illnesses. Therefore, changing the mindset on stress positively improves how the body responds to stress.
Mind training to accept what is happening to us and the environment in real-time and taking the outcome without avoidance improves overall health. Training the mind to focus on one thought helps us appreciate what is happening

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