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5-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Performance Management: Employee and Labor Relations (Essay Sample)


For this second milestone, you will analyze HR strategic initiatives of employee and labor relations that positively impact organizational effectiveness. The three critical element focus on employee discipline, performance management, and employee and labor relations.


OL 600 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Performance Management: Employee and Labor Relations 
 Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Five, you will analyze HR strategic initiatives of employee and labor relations that positively impact organizational effectiveness. The three critical element focus on employee discipline, performance management, and employee and labor relations. 
 Prompt: First, read Chapters 8 and 14 in your text, the Harvard Business Review article Discipline Without Punishment – At Last, and the Grievance Procedures: What are the Steps Typically Found in a Grievance Procedure? SHRM article. 
 Refer to the chapter readings and module resources to support your responses to each of the three critical elements below. Carefully read and address each critical element as written, using detailed and informative analysis that conveys critical thinking. The three critical element are aligned to the organization technical competency within the HR knowledge domain. 
 Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 
  Employee Discipline: Analyze punitive and nonpunitive disciplinary approaches, and explain their impacts on employee relations.  Performance Management: Determine the elements of an effective performance management system, and explain how well the employer’s system meets organizational needs.  Employee and Labor Relations: Determine the differences between union grievance procedures and nonunion complaint processes, and describe improvements that could be made to a nonunion complaint process. 
 Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback on this milestone into your final submission.  
 Rubric Guidelines for Submission: This milestone must be submitted as a 3- to 4-page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and oneinch margins. Use the latest edition of the APA manual for formatting and citations.  
Note that the grading rubric for this milestone submission is not identical to that of the final project. The Final Project Rubric will include an additional “Exemplary” category that provides guidance as to how you can go above and beyond “Proficient” in your final submission.   


Performance Management: Employee and Labor Relations
Institutional Affiliation
Performance Management: Employee and Labor Relations
Employee Discipline
Traditionally, performance management has been undertaken using punitive disciplinary actions. However, nonpunitive measures have emerged in the recent past and gained significant popularity in the modern world. Both of these approaches have pros and cons in the application in an organization. Punitive discipline towards employees' bad behavior and performance often creates dilemmas for senior management. Punitive techniques entail the implementation of unpleasant action termed as punishment (Iheanacho, Edema, & Ekpe, 2017). The key aim of punishment is remedying poor employee habits in the short term. For instance, the suspension is one of the most popular forms of punitive action. During suspensions, the workers are involuntarily removed from their organizational roles. However, such actions present consequences such as co-worker's high workload and humiliation of the suspended worker, which lead to long-term negative impact on the organization’s performance.

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