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Migration (Essay Sample)

This is a 7 FULL pages, not including the title page, abstract page, and inference page, argumentative research essay. Please research the topic and write a well-round "A" paper. You must use 8 different sources. You MAY NOT use a web source unless it is from a scholarly database. All of your sources should be from scholarly journals. You MAY NOT use wiki, dictionary or encyclopedia sources. The paper must include properly formatted in text citations and a reference page. Any paper without a reference page, in-text citations, or failing to use APA format will be an F paper. You will report what you have learned from your research. This paper should include quotes and proof from your research. Your essay must be thesis driven and offer an argument. Please refer to your textbooks if you are still unclear on how to structure an argument. Your essay must be divided by headings/subheadings (please refer to APA guidelines). You may use graphs or other images (properly cited). You may not have more than 2 block quotes (direct quote of 40 or more words). I will attach one document that will go toward the 8 required sources. If you have any questions, let me know source..

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Internal migration - involves moving to a new destination but in the same country
External migration - involves moving into a new destination outside the country
Emigration - refers to leaving one country to move to another country
Immigration - refers to moving into a new country
Population transfer - this refers to when a large group of people is transferred out of a region. It is usually involuntarily and can be referred to as forced migration.
Chain migration - refers to a situation whereby one family member moves abroad and then influences the migration of the other family members.
Return migration - refers to the voluntary movement of the immigrants back into their countries of origin.
Seasonal migration - refers to a situation whereby people move from one place for a given period of time due to labor or climatic conditions.
Internally displaced persons (IDPs) - this refers to a situation whereby a person is forced to move from his/her own home due to political or social instability. However, these people do not cross the borders of the countries.
GDP - (Gross Domestic Product) This is the market value of all the final products produced in a country in a specific period of time. It usually reflects a country`s standard of living.
Migration is a topic that has raised a lot of concern to various sociologists and economists. This is due to the fact that migration leads to both positive and negative effects of development to both the host countries and the donor countries. In this paper we seek to uncover some of the related to migration which include: the positive and negative impacts of migration, causes of migration and the various types of migration. This paper is argument oriented and we are also going to comprehensively analyze the concept of migration and the impacts that it has towards economic development and then conclude whether it is can be recommended or discouraged both for the host and the donor countries.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Glossary PAGEREF _Toc323384835 \h 2Abstract PAGEREF _Toc323384836 \h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc323384837 \h 4International Migration of Labor PAGEREF _Toc323384838 \h 5Migration and Development PAGEREF _Toc323384839 \h 6Causes of immigration PAGEREF _Toc323384840 \h 7Impacts of migration PAGEREF _Toc323384841 \h 9Positive impacts of migration PAGEREF _Toc323384842 \h 9Negative impacts of migration PAGEREF _Toc323384843 \h 9Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc323384844 \h 11References PAGEREF _Toc323384845 \h 12
Migration refers to the movement of people from one place to another. While migrating, the migrants may take up permanent or seasonal residence in the host countries. Migration has taken place throughout human history. It takes several forms depending on where an individual is moving to or the localities involved (Özden and Schiff, 2005)....
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