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Midterm Teaching Reflections (Essay Sample)

I'm going to attach the instuctions Teaching practice reflection During the teaching practice we were asked to give the teachers the oxford grammar book to choose a topic and apply it in the class. First of all, my cooperative teacher refused to use it because she don't have time to complete the curriculum because due to her issues. When I got the chance to teach the 4th graders I choose the topic about prepositions. I started the lesson by drawing a kitchen on the white board and asked them to tell me what they can see and say the kitchens equipments, just to make sure that they know them. In addition, I started to drawing mousses in different places and gave them an example “ the mouse is under the table”, then I started asking them where can you see the other mouse, after that I asked them to draw the kitchen and work as peer work by drawing the mouse in different places and use the prepositions words. The students were so excited about the lesson, at the end the realized that lesson is about prepositions. This is the idea of the reflection but I need to organize it, edit and change words to academic. === Midterm Reflection In teaching grammar course, we did our midterm microteaching we were working in group of three members Me, Khadija and Mshael. We chose our topic about past simple and started working on the lesson plan and distribute the parts. First of all, we started the lesson by a story on the power point, and the past simple words were underlined, then my part comes and it was how to pronounce the words in the past tense it think it is interesting but I realize that it is hard at the same time to teach. I think I need to improve my lesson next time and do it in simple way to the students and do it in a game way and attractive And I need conclusion source..
Midterm Teaching Reflections
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Midterm Teaching Reflections
As part of our grammar course, we were required to undertake our teaching practice in the midterm microteaching. Our group was composed of three members, I, Khadija and Mshael. We selected a topic on past simple tense and prepared the lesson plan. The plan was distributed to the three members of our group.
My part was on teaching the students about prepositions. In the process, I introduced different prepositions and explained their meaning to the students. I also wrote the prepositions on the black wall for the students to grasp them. By using the mouse, I called out commands for the learners to execute. For instance:
Command Action
The mouse under the table: I drew the mouse as being under the table
On top of the table: I drew the mouse as being on top of the table
Next to the door: It was drawn next to the door
Around the chair: It was drawn around the chair
Infront of the door: It was drawn in front of the door
In the bag: The mouse was drawn as being inside the bag
All students were involved in drawing as well as pronouncing the required words as per the commands. When the students were through with the drawing performance and practice, I asked them to write a paragraph or two to describe their bedrooms or living room...
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