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My Media Text: Theme Of Choice And Identity In The Divergent (Essay Sample)


You will relate 4 Media texts to the themes/characters from your essay in Section A о You will relate at least one media text to each theme and character that you use above о You will write a 300-word journal entry for each media text (total 1200 words), о A journal entry does not need to be in formal essay form.
Media texts can be:
Newspaper articles
Magazine articles
Short Stories


Media Text
Students Name
Institutional Affiliation
Entry 1
My theme topic for divergent is choice and identity. My media text is the book "to kill a Mockingbird" which was written by Harper Lee and published in the year 1960. This novel relates to the theme of choice and identify because it illustrates the manner in which Atticus stood up for the rights of a black man who had been accused of having raped a white woman. This occurred in a society which was full of racism and the children of Atticus ended up feeling the wrath of the consequences of his choice. He was a white lawyer, and despite the fact that the whites and the blacks did relate well, then he chose to be identified with Tom Robinson who was black. His choices had a lot of consequences ranging from the humiliation of his children to the death of one of the characters. The novel teaches that every choice that an individual makes in life have consequences. The consequences can be good or bad.
Similarly, the theme of choice and identity in the divergent is indicated by most of the young characters making choices about life with the aim of having a brighter future. In addition, not all the choices that they made turned out to be good and some of them were made to teach them a lesson by preparing them for the future. Therefore, both novels show that human beings have the freedom of making choices and creating an identity based on what they think is best for them. The choices lead to the creation of specific identities that enable the characters to be recognized within the society. Besides, the choices do not only affect the people responsible for choosing but also the people that they associate with.
Entry 2
My theme topic for divergent is fear. My media text is the poem "The Tiger" and was written by William Blake in the year 1794. The text relates to the theme of fear in the divergent novel in that the tittle of the poem is an indication a brave animal. However, the fact that the tiger moves around in the darkness, then it shows that it can overcome fear. In a real-life situation, walking in the dark is something that can be done by a few people because darkness is associated with scary happenings. The tiger at night is a representation of masculinity and courage that enables it to catch prey and overcome the dangers of the darkness. In addition, Blake uses imagery and describes the tiger as a fierce animal. A fierce animal is an indication that it is able to handle any danger.
The same ability to overcome fear is illustrated in the Divergent novel especially in the case whereby Tris ar

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