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Martin Luther Was A German Tutor Of Theology (Essay Sample)


Here are the following topics authors and topics you should be prepared to discuss:
Read carefully the information and notes I provided
Choose three topics and write essays for each one.
Reference can be made to the teaching materials of Theology 4 in the US high schools senior.
Reference:This is Our Church: A History of Catholicism.


Midterm Essay
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Martin Luther
Martin Luther was a German tutor of theology, monk, composer, priest, and also a seminar representation in the protestant overhaul. He was a very forceful person during the time of reformation since he had his own unique way of interpretation faith.
He excluded himself from various practices and instructions of the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, he disputed the Catholic’s perception on indulgences and suggested academic discussion of the efficacy and practices of indulgences. However, his proposal faced rejection from Pope Leo X and Charles V; who demanded that he should renounce his writings CITATION Mic071 \l 1033 (Pennock, 2007). Contrary to their expectations he refused hence he was ex-communicated and regarded as an outlaw.
Luther strongly believed that the salvation of people was by faith alone. This was contrary to the Catholics’ believed that faith and works were equally important in the salvation of people. He taught that good deeds alone were not enough to earn salvation; instead, salvation was granted to people by God due to his grace when a person starts believing in Jesus as their savior.
Luther taught that the only thing which could bring true revelation was the bible. However, the Catholic held that the scripture and customs acted as the foundation for revelation. For example, he suggested that oral stories and practices were in existence even prior to the writing of the New Testament; this was the living tradition. Other Catholic traditions which were thought to bring revelation when blended with the bible include papal infallibility, clerical celibacy and the sacred conception of the mother of Jesus, Mary CITATION Mic071 \l 1033 (Pennock, 2007).
Instead of translating the Bible into Latin language, Luther chose to translate it into German. Thereafter, the laity was able to access the bible. He later on married a nun called Katharina von Bora. Notably, their marriage brought about clerical marriage allowing marriage among the protestant clergy.
Luther is very admirable and is a role model for many people due to his determination and courage. He was bold enough to stand up for what he truly believed in hence able to challenge the Catholic Church. His determination is also clearly in his constancy in his conviction.
Images of god by Julian Norwich
Julian was an anchoress, theologian and a m

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