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Marketing (Essay Sample)

See attachment ** if possible use source from Essentials of Marketing 12th Edition McGraw Hill** Unit III Essay When someone talks about customers, people mostly think about an individual customer. However, some companies search for more opportunities to increase profit and build long-term relationships with a business or an organization. Write an essay about a business that you see has an opportunity to reach a business or an organization as a customer. You can either use a real world business or create a business that you want to use. If you are a marketing director of the company, what will be your marketing plan to a business or an organizational customer? Select products and/or services you will offer to your customers. Your target customers can be domestic or abroad. You can also use suppliers from other countries. For example, you can order garments from a country in Asia and sell them to a business or an organization in the U.S. The following are examples of products and services you might want to use. You can also use other products or services of your choice. - Hotel services for a conference - Technology devices for a firm or a school - Produce for a supermarket - Uniforms for an organization such as a school, hospital, or military - Flowers for an event organizer - Hardware for a construction company - Parts for an automobile company - Furniture for an office, a restaurant, or a hotel - Your choice In this essay, describe a business with that opportunity. Explain the strategies you will use to analyze your business and organizational customers and their buying behavior. You might include the following in your paper: - Buying behavior - Sell global - Supply from other countries - Multiple decision makers or multiple buyers - New customers or repeat customers - How to gather customers' information - Customer analysis - Ethical issues - Using technology to enhance your business - Services after selling - Buyer-seller relationships BBA 3201, Principles of Marketing 3 - Competitive advantages - Other things to be considered The writing you submit must meet the following requirements: - Tell briefly about your business and your customers - Be at least two pages in length. - Identify the main topic/question related to Chapter 6 - Use APA style for citing paraphrased and quoted material Format your paper using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. source..

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(February 19, 2013)
The Orange Electronics deals with making of electronic products and appliances especially the technologically related like computers and Ipad. Technology is taking over all the fields like in production, marketing, distribution and also in academic fields among other areas. Learning institutions like colleges and universities are a good example of the institutions that are highly buying the computers for the purpose of student`s research (Elliott, Waller & Rundle-Thiele, 2012). As the marketing manager, my plan will be tailored to make sure that the firm gains profit while still attaining the customer satisfaction. My target customers will be the domestic universities and colleges that are willing to purchase computers for research activities. To analyze the business, several criteria...
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