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Marketing Unhealthy food to Children (Essay Sample)

Hi again this week is final research paper of Marketing Unhealthy food to Children. This service has been working on this project for m for the past 3 weeks, I\'m requestting the same writer. I will attach several copies of past work regarding this project that have been corrected by my instructor all the corrections that needs to be made are in bold and underline please follow all directions and close attention please, please, please don't forget the thesis statement. thanks source..
Marketing Unhealthy food in Children Name of student Instructor’s name Institution Date due Marketing Unhealthy food in Children The purpose of this paper is to discuss marketing of unhealthy food to children, considering the role of electronic media such as television. Adverts are part of marketing and children perceive them in a particular way. In looking at the perception of children about adverts, the paper will demonstrate that children are easy targets for marketers of unhealthy food. Since children have perpetual access to television and other media, they are always exposed to these types of adverts. Recently, there have been some efforts to control the role of marketing in promoting unhealthy eating habits in children as it will be shown here. In addition, the diseases and conditions that children risk suffering from if they eat unhealthy foods will be outlined. Thesis Statement With the understanding of the many negative effects of unhealthy foods on children, and how this age group is vulnerable, marketing of these foods is not right. As it stands, the penetration of adverts about unhealthy foods is high and should be stopped, or at least controlled. Discussion In recent years, the number of children suffering from food related ailments has raised concern among governments and people at large. On the forefront of these bad foods is junk food which is a delicacy for many children. Food manufacturing and distribution companies invest a lot of money in advertising to tap into the huge market. The problem is, some of the adverts are about unhealthy food for children. When children consume these foods which contain high sugar and fat content, they are exposed to diabetes, blood pressure and other serious diseases. The negative effects on children choices were highlighted in the Food Politic Magazine recently. The author talks of how adverts are directed to children. And there seems to be no serious efforts to stop this kind of adv...
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