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Selling and Marketing Bad Food to Children (Essay Sample)

WRITER = PETER Hi again, Thank you all four your help last week. This I want to continue with the same topic and I will attach all the information needed for this paper and I would like to request the same writer since he/she already know what I'm looking for. This week need 2 pages draft for my paper and next week I will order the final paper. I will attach the position paper, the proposal and outline and the annotated Bibliography, please go over them carefully so I can get the best draft. And please remember to add a thesis statement I got points taking off because the writer did not have a thesis statement. Remenber to use the references from last week it cannot be changed. PS: my order number from last week was 00022169 please look it up so I can get the same writer Thanks. source..

Marketing Of Unhealthy Food to Children
Professor Name:
(April 13, 2013)
Marketing Of Unhealthy Food to Children
In this contemporary time, the topic of marketing of unhealthy food to children has been in discussion in every part of the world because of the increase in the number of obesity cases reported among children. This paper will discus about the healthy effects to children who consume junky foods that are advertised on televisions and how to prevent consumption of unhealthy foods marketed on television.
Consumption of unhealthy foods has been the main aspect that contributes to the rising number of children with obesity. Television adverts targeting children comprise of foods with high fat content and sugar. This foods increase the probability of children developing non-communicable diseases (Vaale-Hallberg, 2012).
The problem of high unhealthy food consumption is boosted by parent yielding. Parents surrender to the decision of their child. Therefore, it can be noticed that despite of the notion that parents make decisions to their children, they are also given room to make they make their own decisions. When a parent goes to the supermarket with her child, the child is the one who determines the kind of good that the parent should buy for her (Chung e’tal, 2012).
Marketing of food is recognized as one of those aspects that lead to the excess consumption of food by children resulting to healthy problems. The advertisers know that the target markets of their junky foods are children but they have not taken any step to safeguard their healthy (Hebden, King, Kelly, Chapman, Innes-Hughes, & Gunatillaka, 2010).
Therefore, various organizations have taken it as their responsibility to call for an end to marketing of un...
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