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Marijuana Consumption among Juvenile in US (Essay Sample)

This paper has to do with the bibliography that I had done previously by customeessayorder. This is what the instructor said to do for the paper I am ordering now, in reference to the bibliography which is part of this project: "Juvenile Crime -Institution Affiliation" and are looking at several articles. As you know, this is a broad topic and you may want to focus on a specific aspect. I see you are spending time on the treatment of juvenile offenders, so perhaps you will review a certain crime or age group. Please look at the requirements for the next assignment and let me know if you have any questions. Here are the instructions for the paper: Topic: It's only marijuana Each case presents an ethical dilemma. Describe the ethical issue fully, as well as the arguments both for and against your final course of action. What are the considerations? What are the potential long and short term consequences? Who benefits or is injured by the decision options? Using information from the textbook, the course conferences, and 2 outside resources, what course of action would you take? source..
Marijuana Consumption among Juvenile in US Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: A research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicates that marijuana is the most popularly used illegal drug in the society today. This study interestingly noted that juveniles were among the users of this illicit substance. The popularity of the drug is due to the belief by many that marijuana is “agate way drug”. However, the fact is that there are many adverse effects both physical and mental that emanate from the use of this illicit drug. Moreover, its effects are not only on the user but also affect the user’s family members and the society at large (NIDA, 1996). The use of marijuana among the youth has been increasing, owing to its low cost, few risks associated with it, and easy available. It is sad that this harmful commodity is becoming better and easily accessible to any one including juveniles so long as they are able to pay. According to Witmer, (2009) approximately 10000 teens in US undergo treatment for marijuana related risks and dependence every year. Studies have vividly indicated that the earlier juveniles start using marijuana, the more likely they get addicted to it. According to Bonso (1998), peer pressure has to blame for the escalating use of marijuana among the youth. When a teen begins a habit of smoking marijuana, he or she becomes addicted to it and relies on it to solve his or her emotional problems. The consistent use of marijuana subsequently affects a teen’s life course such as school since it becomes cumbersome for such a teen to focus on normal activities. It can also have adverse effects to the teen’s health, hygiene, relationship and so on. This paper will discuss the necessary course of action to curb marijuana intake among the teens. My first step to take will be to create awareness to parents and caregivers on the necessity of being concerned and talking with their children with regard t...
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