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The Management of Organizations. What is emotional labor? (Essay Sample)


1. Explain why Smith concludes that competitive markets increase productivity and thereby lead to general plenty and hence social progress.
2. According to Smith, why does specialization and division of labor in the pin factory lead to greater productivity? Be sure to cover all three reasons in your answer.
3. Frederick Taylor discusses the four things that must be done to implement scientific management. Give a brief explanation of each of the four in your own words.
4. What is emotional labor?


The Management of Organizations
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The Management of Organizations
All organizations need an effective management plan that guarantees maximum prosperity not only for the employer but also for the employees who toil for long hours for their organizations. Frederick W. Taylor is one of the most influential theorists in the field of management. His book on the principles of management sheds light on various techniques of management, helping organizations understand scientific management as one of the best ways to manage work. It is therefore imperative to assess various questions from Frederick Tylor’s book scientific management for a clearer understanding of the management of organizations
For a company to increase its productivity, it must exist in a competitive market with dozens of other organizations producing similar products (Smith, 2010). Competition is a critical factor in economic growth. It pressures large organizations to boost their efficiency and also ensures that companies with better productivity continue to thrive in the market as the less productive organizations continue to dwindle.

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