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Make It Happy Analysis: Coca-Сola Advertisements (Essay Sample)


Composition Project 1
With one of its major focuses on both textual and visual rhetoric, English 102 invites you into an in-depth analysis of how text and image work together. In politics, product advertising, education, business, and many other contexts, we see words, pictures, and sound coming together to send messages to their target and secondary audiences. This first project invites you to analyze one commercial that interests you and will interest your audience. You will analyze how the creator appeals to ethos, pathos and logos.
This is the commercial which needs to analyze, and also I will upload the sample essay.


Student's name
Make It Happy Analysis
For years, the advertising industry has witnesses Coca-Cola pioneer it with feats of persuasion and innovation. The company has produced advertisements that stretch across the world and over different continents and countries. Coca-Cola communicates its advertisements through a wide array of media including store displaces, commercials, and web pages. We have also witnessed Coca-Cola use appeals throughout its online advertising. Such appeals include Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in advertising, (Diamond, n.p). This is an art of persuasion that entails the use of the three elements to ensure effective advertising.
The ad: Make it Happen
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Start of “Make it Happy”2. This is 60 seconds commercial that starts with a hasty keyboarding sound. The commercial portrays a dark, oppressive scene as a male nimbly types “I hate you” messages on a screen. Stressful, noisy background music is heard as a man cries on receiving “HATE,” and “loser” messages. The stressful atmosphere peaks when a male kicks his laptop. All of a sudden, the scene is changed into a room hosting the Internet server. A worker carelessly spills coke drink into the cables. The drink seeps into the circuit system. Suddenly, the “Coca-Cola” red label appears as a light, emotional music takes over. The Coke flows Internet bar turning screens to “Coke Cola,” a billboard portrays the slogan “we got this”, and a boy's phone reads “there is no one like you” which replaces “no one likes you,” (Coca-Cola, Make it Happen) The ad ends with “show me love” message.
Appeals: Ethos
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2: Coca-Cola will use advertising's biggest stage to invite the world to help make the World Wide Web a happier place. Ethos is Aristotle's first form of appeal to the public or audience. Ethos refers to the “use of the reputation, experience, and values of the author or an expert to support claims” (Johnson-Sheehan and Paine, n.p.). Coca-Cola is an international notable beverage and it is aware of its position in both the American culture and around the globe. When the red Coke symbol appears on the screen, most people will recognize it without a question. The company plays off of its own creditability or sense be

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