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Using the major objectives identified Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Part A
Using the major objectives identified in one of the four curricula discussed in Lesson 5 (HighScope, Creative Curriculum, Core Knowledge, or Tools of the Mind), create a short learning opportunity for a 5-year-old child in the kindergarten class that you teach.
• Begin by identifying three objectives that you might use for instruction.
• Once you have determined your objectives, determine what adaptations to the curriculum and to the environment you might make in order to reach these objectives.
• Next, write a plan of what special learning opportunities will prompt the child to explore and discover new ideas and that support reaching the three objectives chosen.
Part B
As a teacher, think about how technology could be used to help children in a preschool class understand the following three concepts: Understanding Change, Cause-and-Effect Relationships, and the Idea of a System (that a whole is composed of related parts that affect each other).
• Choose one of the three concepts, and develop a sequence of three lessons that focus on the concept you have chosen.
• Describe each of the three lessons. Make sure to incorporate the questions below by including your answers to each when describing the three lessons.
o How will you intentionally plan for student learning?
o What activities will children engage in?
o What materials will be used?
o How will you know if your students understand the key concepts?

Part C
Imagine that you are a teacher’s aide in a classroom of 2nd-grade children (7- to 8-year-olds). In each of the following situations, describe the following.
a. The emotions the children involved might be experiencing
b. How you would use the strategies presented in the textbook to help the children become more aware of their own feelings and the feelings of others
c. How you would help them cope effectively with the situation
• Manual and Damien are playing in the sandbox. Manuel wants Damien’s shovel, so he takes it. Damien begins to cry, but Manuel continues to play, unaffected. Damien comes running to you, saying, “He took my shovel!”
• Latoya has been standing watching the others climbing the rock wall. It seems as if she’d like to join in, yet makes no move to do so.
• Tommy has a dilemma. He was just invited to a movie with Chuck, but his best friend, Mohammad, has not been asked to come and asks him to spend the night on the same date.
Part D
Ethics is one of the most fundamental qualities of a competent early childhood educator. Individuals have their own personal views about what they think is right or wrong and how they should behave. Examine the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct (http://www(dot)naeyc(dot)org/files/naeyc/file/positions/PSETH05.pdf) and create a concept web identifying the core values, ideals, and principles of an educator, in your own words. Include your personal views. (Refer to page 325 in your textbook for an example of a concept web.)


The main objective of this learning objective is putting together a play with the use of the objectives of the tools of the mind. Under this learning activity, I will use the scaffolding technique and ask the child to write the details about a future play and also draw the pictures of the characters who will be featured in the play. I will also give thee child a plan that can be used when writing the play. Just like I learned in chapter 10, I will listen to the plan of the child, guide the child, and lastly give the child an opportunity to write the plan with regard to my instructions (Marshall, 2013). The child will be challenged but in the long run, the child will be able to offer assistance. In the play I will ask the child to compose a play based on something the kid has knowledge about, for example, going to the shopping mall. I will give the props and the costumes that will assist in making the plan of the play.
The tools of the mind promote a lot of learning objectives among the students. In this case, the child will work in improving literacy and writing skills by writing the play. Additionally, self-regulation skills will be reflected in the scenarios when the students will waiting to play each role in the play. The last objective is to enhance memory. Students will be given a chance to create and write and play and then transfer the play into real-life scenarios.

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