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Macbeth Character By William Shakespeare (Essay Sample)


Prompt: Choose your favorite character from Macbeth, Beowulf, or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. What modern values and/or universal themes are evident in the character? What does this tell us about how literature reflects society, culture, place, and/or history?
You may choose to address this prompt in a 400-500 word essay or a 15 slide minimum presentation (Prezi, Swipe, Sway, or Powerpoint). Be sure to justify your thoughts with text evidence (cited in-text) and research from academic sources. The presentation should contain effective visual components that complement and support your analysis.


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Macbeth is a very important character in the play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. The character traits that he portrays are very significant in developing a good understanding of the values and themes that are present in the modern times. The two themes that stand out, as far as Macbeth is concerned, are domination and confidence. In the modern times, domination is a theme that has taken center stage, since it is associated with power and respect. The people who have the capacity to be dominant in their places of influence are revered and given a special place in the society. This value is evident in Macbeth as he portrays his warrior-like domination on the battlefield. The fame that falls on him as a powerful warrior wins the attention of the king and those close to him (Brown, 2004). His ability to hold on to his winning capacities on the battlefield gives him the title of a dominant soldier who is sought after by many. Domination is a universal theme that is mostly associated with powerful people at the center of power.

Another value that is present in Macbeth is confidence. Confidence is what enables people do what seems to be impossible or the ability to be comfortable in a situation that others see as threatening. This is a universal theme and modern value that is present among those who have resources to achieve what they desire. In most cases, lack of resources makes people lose the confidence to do what they believe

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